Kylee Trout


Kylee embarked on a career in administration seven years ago, starting with a startup wholesale company. Over time, she expanded her administrative roles to include positions in various sectors, from warehouses to locksmithing.
In parallel to her professional journey, Kylee has been a dedicated Human Resource Specialist in the Washington National Guard since 2013. This role has allowed her to develop expertise in personnel management and resource allocation within a disciplined and structured environment.
Known for her commitment to precision, adaptability, and extensive administrative experience, Kylee is a versatile professional ready to tackle diverse challenges. She takes pride in contributing to the success of both the private sector and the defense of the nation through her service in the Washington National Guard.
In her leisure time, Kylee is often found pursuing a passion for equestrian activities. Whether it’s riding or working at Emerald Downs as an exercise rider, she remains dedicated to both personal and professional growth.