Our Approach: From Concept to Completion

At Russell Square, we pride ourselves on our dedication to the comprehensive development and construction of multifamily communities. Operating as a licensed firm across five states, we harness our unique capability to manage each project entirely in-house. This ensures a cohesive collaboration and fluid transition across all project phases – starting from the vital initial stages of land planning, straight through to the final handover of the completed project.

Identification & Due Diligence

The moment a site is recognized as a promising opportunity, Russell Square springs into action. Our seasoned team performs all diligence including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-Application Process
  • Conceptual Site Design
  • Geotechnical Site Work and Report Analysis
  • Wetlands Investigation
  • Phase I & II Environmental Investigation
  • Will-Serve Letters
  • CCR Review and Feedback
  • Survey and ALTA
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Construction Budgeting
By harnessing the expertise of our network of architects, engineers, consultants, and in-house general contracting personnel, we produce a detailed report encompassing cost analysis, timelines, potential risks, and actionable recommendations.

Collaboration & Design

The spirit of collaboration permeates every layer of our workflow. Russell Square positions itself as the central liaison, facilitating streamlined communication between the municipality, seller, buyer, city planners, and the city council.

Every consultant is meticulously vetted to ensure the project is endowed with the best team to work side-by-side with city planners, hearing examiners, and the city council to ensure the property gets fully entitled.

Side by side with chosen architects and design teams, we shepherd our partners through schematic design, design development, and comprehensive construction drawings and specifications. This ensures every project is not just designed but destined for success, primed for permitting and construction.

Construction & Handover

Our in-house construction staff, the cornerstone of our operations, remains an active participant throughout the design and permitting journey. Their invaluable feedback on building systems, design intricacies, finish schedules, and value engineering options acts as the bedrock, ensuring project success.

Ownership can stride into the construction phase with confidence, secure in the knowledge that budgets, timelines, and the subcontractor teams have been meticulously planned and vetted.

Our hallmark vertical integration ensures every transition, from the earliest planning stages to the final project handover, is seamless and efficient, echoing our commitment to end-to-end excellence.

General Contracting Services

Russell Square boasts an expansive reach, licensed to perform general contracting across multiple states on the west coast. We amplify our efficiency by self-performing several trade functions, ensuring the tightest control over costs, and enhancing the accuracy of project scheduling during construction. Our strength also lies in our cherished relationships with subcontractors. These are not just ties forged over a few years, but bonds nurtured over two decades with premier firms based across the nation. These trusted partners accompany us from one project to the next, solidifying our reputation for consistent excellence and reliability.


Our company’s portfolio, reflecting over $100M+ in renovation contracts across CO, UT, AZ, CA, OR, and WA, showcases our commitment to quality and consistency. We've rejuvenated numerous assets with a specific focus on exterior capital improvements.  Our renovation staff has decades of experience renovating multi-family communities across the country and has developed lasting relationships with labor and suppliers in multiple primary and secondary markets. Our approach is simple – listen to the property owner’s needs and execute a plan that has been crafted with not just ownership in mind but management and the tenants.

Completed Projects

Strata Apartments

Denver, CO
  • Completed

  • Owner


  • 96

  • New Construction


Hawthorne Hill

Thorton, CO
  • Completed

  • Owner


  • 93

  • New Construction