In a comprehensive upgrade of Village Oaks, we renovated 26 apartment buildings housing a total of 280 units. Alongside the primary residential structures, the project included a leasing office, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a maintenance garage, a laundry room, and 280 carports to serve the residents. In 2021, each building underwent pivotal woodwork corrections, focusing on the removal and replacement of damaged and rotted wood siding and railings.

This was coupled with a complete repaint of all buildings, structures, fencing and any previously painted surfaces (i.e. light poles, etc.). All paint was applied in accordance to Sherwin Williams paint specification. In 2023 we furnished and installed all necessary shingles, weatherproofing, accessories, venting, and replaced all damage decking in order to deliver to client a complete and watertight roof system.

  • Status Completed
  • Units 280
  • Location Chino Hills, CA
  • ScopeExterior Repairs Exterior Paint Shingle Re-Roof
  • Construction Cost$2,100,000
  • OwnerJSP
  • TypeRenovation