The City of Vallejo is on the brink of a major transformation with the announcement of the 5180 Sonoma Boulevard Residential Development Project. This ambitious endeavor, spearheaded by Russell Square Consulting and Jackson Square Properties as the developer, aims to revitalize a 12.6-acre site currently occupied by an unused “big box” retail store into a vibrant residential community.

The project, nestled within the North Gateway District (D-NG) of Vallejo, aligns with the city’s General Plan 2040, according to the documents filed with the city. The D-NG designation is a vision for an integrated, pedestrian-friendly area blending retail, dining, entertainment, and lodging, catering to both locals and passersby. This district encourages high-density residential developments, which the 5180 Sonoma Boulevard project exemplifies with its plan to deliver 429 multi-family dwelling units.
The project encompasses the construction of these apartments across 11 four-story buildings. This addition aims to address the growing housing demand in the region, which is similar to other Northern California cities and short of supply of housing, in general.
Prospective residents can choose from a variety of apartment sizes, which include 234 one-bedroom units, 165 two-bedroom units, and 30 three-bedroom units. These units range in size from 767 to 1,637 square feet, each featuring either a private balcony or a ground-level patio, adding a touch of personal outdoor space for the residents.
The vacant retail store on the site is approximately 126,000 square feet in size, surrounded by an asphalt parking area dotted with around 157 trees. This space, once a bustling commercial hub, now awaits its transformation into what the development team and city officials hope is a residential oasis that will transform an area of the city presently blighted by vacancy. TCA, the project’s architect, has chosen a ‘coastal cottage style’ for the buildings, a design it hopes will blend with the local landscape. The materials selected, including stucco, stone veneer, and horizontal lap siding, further reinforce this stylistic choice.
The property is bounded by Sonoma Boulevard and Lincoln Highway, which makes the project site conveniently accessible via regional thoroughfares. The urban center of Vallejo is just a 20-minute bicycle ride or a 30-minute bus journey away.
The commencement of construction will necessitate the demolition of an existing retail store. The construction phase is projected to last approximately 24 months, with an estimated cost of around $105 million, according to industry reports.
Source: West Coast Commercial Real Estate News